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Welcome to LiteratePrograms! LiteratePrograms is a unique wiki where every article is simultaneously a document and a piece of code that you can view, download, compile, and run by simply using the "download code" tab at the top of every article. See Insertion sort (C) for a simple example. To date we have 537 articles.

Based on Donald Knuth's concept of literate programming, LiteratePrograms is a collection of code samples displayed in an easy-to-read way, collaboratively edited and debugged, and all released under the liberal MIT/X11 License ( ) so that anyone can use our code and text for any purpose.

Code on LiteratePrograms is organized in a variety of ways using categories: by subject area, by language, by environment, and so on. Following are some of the top-level category lists to get you started.

If you're interested in contributing your own programs, you can read about how to write an article. You don't need to know literate programming to contribute!

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