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This category contains articles describing code written in the LIME programming model. In this model, functional and communication strata are segregated. The first is expressed using just ANSI C (ISO C99), with some restrictions. The second is specified in an abstract way that is expressed in an XML schema. The compiler of LIME (called slimer) can generate everything else: glue code for your platform (Pthreads, CUDA etc.), Makefiles, startup code and scripts, freeing you from the chores of having to specify these platform-dependent software artifacts by hand. Essentially, you start from a platform-independent model, compile it with a platform-specific compiler, and then simply run it on your platform!

If you need help from other users with a program written in LIME, take a look at Category:Users:LIME:Experts, Category:Users:LIME:Knows, and possibly Category:Users:LIME:Some.

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