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This program is under development.
Please help to debug it. When debugging
is complete, remove the {{develop}} tag.

AutoAdv as an algorithm of automatic story telling.

It is based on an analogy with fractal landscape generation.

Theory behind the AutoAdv algorithm

Let be a set of at least two elements, two of them named:

  • the initial element
  • the terminal element

Let the set of subsets of .

Let , τE is called an timing of E when it's an application from E into so that:

  • if ,
  • if , \max(\tau_E(x),\forall x\in E)"/>

When is a vector of N elements of , and a vector of N associated timings (i.e. is a timing of Xn), an augmentation of is , where:

\max(\tau_{n}(x), \forall x\in X_{n})\\ \end{matrix}\right."/>
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