Selection sort (Haskell)

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Calculating the minimum of a list

This function calculates the minimum value in a list.

min1:: (a->a->Bool)->[a]->a
min1 (<=) [] = undefined
min1 (<=) [x] = x
min1 (<=) (x:xs)
  | x <= (min1 (<=) xs) = x
  | otherwise = min1 (<=) xs  

Removing an element from a list

This function returns a list with the first occurrence of a given element removed.

delete:: (Eq a) => a->[a]->[a]
delete a [] = []
delete a (x:xs)
  | a==x = xs
  | otherwise = x:(delete a xs)

The actual sorting algorithm

This function implements the actual selection sort.

ssort:: (Eq a) => (a->a->Bool)->[a]->[a]
ssort (<=) [] = []
ssort (<=) xs = [x] ++ ssort (<=) (delete x xs) where x = min1 (<=) xs
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