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I've made the source and database for LiteratePrograms more accessible in the following ways.

Database dumps

You can download database dumps from These will be created daily by a script (and cleaned out when I feel like it), and each is timestamped with a day in the YYYY-MM-DD format. Three archives are created (each in three formats), one containing all versions of all articles, one containing the current versions of all articles, and one containing the uploaded image files.

Note that the code files generated when the "code" tab is clicked are currently not stored anywhere in the dumps (although they can be generated from them).

View the source on the web

You can visit to browse the most current checked-in source of LiteratePrograms on the web. It's very similar to MediaWiki for the most part, and this primitive SVN web interface is no WebCVS, but there it is.

Check out the source using subversion

If you have the command-line version control tool svn, you can check out the LiteratePrograms source using the same URL you use to view it:

svn checkout

You will not be able to check in changes to the repository at this time, however. If you see any bugs or stupid things, feel free to complain to me to fix them.