Chemical equations balancer (Python)

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This program is a code dump.
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This program is under development.
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#! /usr/bin/env python
class Equ:
	def __init__(self):
		self.Eq = [[], []]
		self.Atoms = set()
		self.LS = 0
		self.PS = 1
	def addMolek(self, molek, side):
		self.Atoms = self.Atoms.union(molek.keys())
		self.Eq[side].append([molek, 1])
		return True
	def countAtom(self, atom):
		cl, cp = (None, None)
		for xat in self.Eq:
			count = 0
			for mlk in xat:
				   count += mlk[0].get(atom, 0)
			if cl == None:
				cl = count
				cp = count
		return (cl, cp)
	def multiRci(self, atom, nmbrs = (1, 1)):
		ls, ps = nmbrs
		print nmbrs
#		print ls, ps
		for xsd in xrange(len(self.Eq)):
			if xsd == self.LS:
				mtp = ls
				mtp = ps
			for xmolek in xrange(len(self.Eq[xsd])):
				if self.Eq[xsd][xmolek][0].get(atom, 0) != 0:
					for xother in self.Eq[xsd][xmolek][0].keys():
						self.Eq[xsd][xmolek][0][xother] *= mtp
					self.Eq[xsd][xmolek][1] *= mtp
		return True
	def isEq(self):
		a = []
		for at in self.Atoms:
			ls, ps = self.countAtom(at)
			print 'atom: ', at, ' left: ', ls, ' right: ', ps
			if ls != ps:
				a.append([at, (ls, ps)])
		if len(a) == 0:
			return True
			print 'vracim: ', a, '\n\n'
			return a
	def mkEq(self):	
		at = self.isEq()
		if at == True:
			return True
			for dsf in xrange(2):  # hack, works only with 02 + H2 -> H20 reaction
				at = self.isEq()
				mn = ['',(float("infinity"), float("infinity"))]
				for at in at:
					if nsd(mn[1]) > nsd(at[1]):
						mn[1] = at[1]
						mn[0] = at[0]
				print mn
				print nsn(mn[1]), ' / ', (mn[1][0]), ' , ', nsn(mn[1]), ' / ', (mn[1][1])
				self.multiRci(mn[0], (nsn(mn[1])/(mn[1][0]), nsn(mn[1])/(mn[1][1])))
def nsn((first, second)):
	return (first * second) / nsd((first, second))
def nsd((first, second)):
	if first == float("infinity") or second == float("infinity"):
		return float("infinity")
	if second == 0:
		return first
	return nsd((second, first%second))
rce = Equ()
rce.addMolek(dict(H=2, O=0), rce.LS)
rce.addMolek(dict(H=0, O=2), rce.LS)
rce.addMolek(dict(H=2, O=1), rce.PS)
print rce.Atoms
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